Spawake Moisturizing Face Wash

Hello people :)

How have you been? Since all Indian festivals are lined up one after the other in this season, I hope you’ll enjoy them all.

You must be wondering where have I been all this duration. Since the college semester is about to conclude, I am busy submitting research paper, projects and what not. Setting aside them all, I would share with you my experience with Spawake Moisturizing Face wash. When I went to a drugstore, I found this product along with other products from the same range. The packaging mentions that it is a Japanese brand; which itself is the reason why I picked it up. I have heard that Japanese products are quite remarkable in terms of skin care.

This face wash claims to be moisturizing and I had picked it up few weeks ago when the weather was still hot. Astonishingly, it is moisturizing but not too much because it worked fine on my skin even when I have combination skin. It is meant for all skin types. It retails for Rs 129 for net content of 100 grams. This face wash is infused with Sea minerals that helps in washing away daily sweat, dirt and oil while retaining the essential moisture.

First of all, I am quite happy with this face wash. It smells nice as if I am really getting my face spa done. Secondly, it cleans away makeup easily and doesn’t dry out the skin. Lastly, I got no acne on using this. So, yaay for sensitive skin people. This face was even there with me when I had to go out for a few days. There, one of my friends asked for face wash and I gave her this one. She asked me if I’ve been suggested this by anyone.

P.S. not many people know that I write blogs. 

This face wash is quite soothing and goes a long way, since a small amount works well. It is easy to wash if off as well. I would definitely not hesitate in buying it again.

RATING- 4.9 out of 5
(Because availability might be an issue for this product)

Till next time, take care :) :)

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