Sivanna Colors Shimmering Brick (SHADE 02)

Hello lovely ladies,
Makeup should always be enabling, rather than restricting; this is why I always adore products which can be used for multi purposes.

There are various shimmering bricks available in Indian market by brands such as ‘Colorbar’, ‘Revlon’, ‘Bobbi Brown’, etc. Shimmering bricks provide you with multiple shades of highlights in just one product. ‘Colorbar’ and ‘Revlon’ shimmering bricks retail for approximately Rs 800 to Rs 1000. This is the reason why I never invested into highlighters. Another reason is that, Delhi is so humid in summers that you’d definitely get your cheeks glimmering with sweat if you stay away even for 5 minutes from fan, cooler, AC, or whatever.

I ordered “Sivanna Colors Shimmering Brick” from Flipkart and mine is shade number 02. This product is usually available at the price of Rs 320 (on Flipkart), but that day they had slashed its rate further down to Rs 292. And guess what? I immediately ordered it! I placed my order on August 02, 2015 and received it on August 07, 2015. The Flipkart package mentions that it came all the way from Mumbai. This brick was wrapped up in some weird white stiff material; I really don’t know what it is called. Oh, I wish it came in bubble wrap. Doesn’t it give you child- like happiness on popping bubble wrap? Anyways, the wrapping said-

After all the excitement filled un-boxing of my parcel, I could finally lay my hands onto this amazing product. It comes in a black matte cardboard packaging which has square cut out which makes you see the fantastic highlight colors. The real product packaging is made of plastic. If you hold it with not so gentle hand then you do realize that the packaging is a little flimsy. You need to handle it with extra care. But let me warn you! You would instantly fall in love with this product because it literally looks immediate dupe of “Bobbi Brown Shimmering Brick” and on glancing, its packaging looks chic and high grade. It literally took me 5 minutes to gaze at its beautiful packaging and then realize that the product resides still inside! After being dispelled of its magic I quickly took the product out. Here is a close look of these shimmering highlight shades-

I have seen multiple sparkly makeup products. Glitters of this product are definitely not chunky. They are so finely ground and blended clearly well. The shimmers are golden in all five highlighter shades. One thing to note is that golden shimmers actually compliment Indian skin tones perfectly. First shade is meant exclusively for highlighting inner corners and brow bone. Second shade is apt for highlighting highest points of your cheeks. The blush is what is placed closest to cheek highlight. Since this highlight is champagne pink in color, it would compliment your blush well and would not show as two different strokes of colored powder blotted on your face. Third, fourth and fifth are different shades of browns. The third and fourth shade work well soft contouring but the fifth shade would give you Kim Kardashion chiseled contouring (wink).

On second thoughts, I tried using it on my eyes. To create soft shimmery party wear eyeshadow look, using-
Color 1- As a highlight for brow bones and inner corner
Color 2- as main eyelid color
Color 5- as transition color
If you happen to have a slightly dark brown eyeshadow in comparison to Color number 5, then use it as outer-v shade. Otherwise build up no Color 5 itself.

Remember: If you happen to create eyeshadow look using this simmering brick, then do not use Color 1 for highlighting brow bone. This would end up giving you too shimmery an appearance.


 I love this shimmering brick. It has buttery soft texture and it does not leave behind fall backs (at least not on your face). It comes for net content of 7 gram.

RATING- 4.9 out of 5

Which other Sivanna Colors product have you tried? Share your experience by commenting down below.
Take care :-) :-)

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