Hello literature lovers,

Today, I encountered a lady who asked me- “What’s a necessity of wasting money and time in order to do post graduation in literature if you want to be a writer? Being a writer involves special talent which emerges as soon as you breathe your first in this world” I couldn’t answer her back then.
Now, when my mind happens to recollect it, I wonder why is there a need for people to study engineering in order to build site maps, etc. They could also have been talented by birth.

I know writing is a creative field, you might be born with its talent; but doesn’t that talent need modification? If engineering is a course of technicalities, so is literature. Literature deals in widening every human’s horizon. Had literature been trash, then why do people rely on it to soothe their minds before going off to sleep? Why are million and gazillions of people engrossed in reading novels while they are traveling? There definitely ought to be some connect-ability with real world that people spent their precious time in flipping their favorite texts.

True, we do not construct multiple storied buildings. But we construct man for who he is. We, writers create masterpieces of words which reside in human heart until he reaches his final destination of life. Being a writer is much more a task of responsibility than other careers. Has society changed with works of any engineer? Has it made you more humane? But woven words of writers do!

Our jobs aren’t as easy as you think it to be. It isn’t meant to be dismissed off as ‘just a passion’. A writer suffers hell lot many times, to offer you one heart touching paragraph. His draft starts in his mind, and he suffers for every character that he creates. His character takes shape in those papers and he knows them like his life-long acquaintance. His character dies once in novel, he sees death closely, twice while creating it. If mothers are to be celebrated for giving birth, aren’t writers giving birth to their creations? While you clap at the end of a Theater Play, a writer sinks of to an entirely different world. With his masterpieces, he opens up the gates of this world for you. Without being didactic, he tries to throw away the elements of orthodoxy within you.

Literature can never be read in isolation. If you wish to be a writer, then you should be aware about literature masterpieces. There are multiple writing styles, techniques, etc to learn. If you end up being a writer and remain clueless of what style your creation is, then you’d be equal to a man who has lived his entire life just within his house walls, had seen world news all these years and claims to know everything of this world. 



             D. H. LAWRENCE


              PAULO COEHLO

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