Pears Soft & Fresh Soap

Hello lovely ladies,

Have you ever made a purchase exclusively for its freebie gift? This purchase of mine was surely one of those kinds. After all, who doesn’t love free gifts?

When “PEARS” launched an offer to give out “Disney” inspired neck-pieces along with their “Soft and Fresh Soap”; I firmly decided to get it, just for the sake of this freebie! The name “DISNEY” itself was enough to tempt me (animation fan anyone?) The neck-piece that was displayed in the advertisement looked beautiful. So when I visited my local market, I inquired about this soap with limited offer. I asked only on one counter and they had stacks of these soaps lying around. The shopkeeper asked me- “Madam is it (freebie) for some child in your house, because these are high in demand by toddlers these days”. He was unable to see the child in me ( :-/ ). Call it being extra dramatic! :p

When I saw this neck-piece, I felt deceived. The one shown in advertisement looks high grade, especially its chain. Anyways, when I tried it, it looked funky and pretty. If you are unhappy with its chain, then you can switch it over with another one lying in your house. The pendent looks quite identical to the Pears soap itself. Even the color shade is same. Here’s how this Disney neck-piece looks like-

Moving onto the purchase, “Pears Soft and Fresh Soap” retails at Rs 36 for net weight of 75 grams of the product. It is easily available in any local store and drugstore counters. The company claims that this soap has ‘glycerin’ & ‘mint extracts’ into it. The cover has white and blue theme going on. It looks good in terms of packaging. The packaging states that-


I didn’t intend to buy it for its product as you know by now, that is why I wasn’t expecting anything out of it. After all it’s merely soap. But I am always quite eager to try new products. I have dry hands, and whenever I come out after bathing, my hands appear flaky. P.S. I hate applying moisturizers in summers. 

First of all, the soap smells nice. Its slight fragrance lingers on up-to two hours (if you don’t sweat). What I liked about this soap is that it didn’t dry out my hands. I saw no dry patches on my arms either after using this, so this really does have glycerin into it. Since this soap also contains mint extracts, it gives slight menthol cooling effect for a very short period of time. You can definitely use it after long tiring days to soothe yourself. I used it for those days of the month, because those are the days when you need extra pampering.

Rating- 4 out of 5

I would love to hear your freebie experiences. Share it with me by commenting down below.
Until next time, take care :) :)

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