Affordable Eyeshadow Blending Brush


           (EYE BLENDER BRUSH)

Hey all!

I had been for so long searching an affordable eyeshadow crease blending brush. I am planning on visiting Krayolan store in near future for more makeup brushes but because I am unable to take out time, I ordered this at the comfort zone of my house (heights of laziness!)Few days back, I was on Snapdeal, looking out for eyeshadow brushes. I encountered this ‘’Tinge Eye Blender Brush’’, which retailed for Rs 260 (plus Rs 30 as shipping charges). I have seen these brushes on Amazon and Flipkart too, but even on inclusion of shipping charges, Snapdeal was comparatively cheaper. Plus, if you select the option of Cash on Delivery on Amazon, they charge approximately Rs 50 extra. Dude, why charging double shipping rates for non- card holders?

Anyways, without further adieu, let’s get onto the review. I ordered this on August 07, 2015 and received it on August 09, 2015. It was faster than my Flipkart order! This item came in a bubble wrap packaging with its invoice included. The bubble wrapping was there merely for the sake of it, it did not cover the product completely. This brush does not have a fancy packaging. When I took the brush out, I noticed that there wasn’t any labeling done on the handle of the brush. The plastic of the handle does not have a perfect finish and it looks quite cheap. Secondly, the bristles of this brush are not even. There are some strands which stand out so weirdly which you might clearly tell on seeing this image-

I actually felt little disappointed because of its looks. After this I felt there’s no need for me to try this out and dishearten myself more. But because I was suppose to write a review for you guys, I tried it without expecting any miracles. When I used this brush for blending my crease eyeshadow, it quite perfectly fit into that space. Just two slight wiping motions made my eyeshadow crease soften perfectly! I clearly forgot the saying- “Do not judge a book by its cover”. Earlier I would constantly use wiping motion to soften the smokey eye look but it never gave such a nice effect. I must say this brush worked pretty well for the price it has been offered at. The bristles, I could clearly see were soft to touch. Overall, this product is quite decent and works amazingly well for a beginner’s makeup kit.


Are you fond of any budget friendly brushes that are available in India? Comment down below.
Take care :) :) :)

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