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[This list includes basic necessary items and not cosmetic products.]

Summer, the season of bright and breezy clothing, and of turquoise and pastel shades! It is the time of year when you can incorporate colors into your clothes and makeup, without going overboard. Unfortunately, it is also the season of sweat and humid climatic conditions. During such times, travelling seems the toughest to battle on with (especially in public transport). There never goes a single day (except Sundays and gazetted holidays) where one can avoid travelling. You might be travelling for school, college, work, etc. It can also help in assembling your travelling bag if you are planning a Summer Vacation.

 Here I begin to roll down the list:-

  •                   SUNSCREEN- Sunscreen is like the topmost item that you cannot dare to miss out on. It protects you from the harmful UV rays that enter the atmosphere of earth. Those who cannot avoid spending less than 15 to 20 minutes out in sun; need to pay special care to the SPF measurement that are specified on the Sunscreen tubes. (p.s. do not get yourself clicked if you’ve applied a sunscreen because this would show a ghastly white affect on your pictures. I admit of committing that mistake LOL )

  •       DEODRANT/ BODY MISTS – Ain’t anybody gonna sit next to you with that odor! Keep an anti- perspirant handy so that it saves you from embarrassment on extremely sweaty days.

  •        SCARVES- Scarves help in absorbing excessive sweat if it is made of material like cotton which can easily absorb all your sweat. It can also be used for covering up face or hands for extra protection against UV rays. Besides it can also be used for dressing down your beauty in case you don’t wanna grab attention from those trouble-making people which are not hard to find in public transports. Scarves can also compliment a plain tee J

  •           SHADES/SUNGLASSES- The stylish amongst all summer accessories would be a pair of cool sunglasses ;) Put on your favorite pair of aviators or other styled shades and you are perfectly ready to go. Disadvantage to those like me who wear glasses and can hardly distinguish between a pole or a human!! (You can easily procure a pair at Sarojini Nagar in Delhi which would be high on style and low on budget J )

  •             HAND SANITIZER, OIL- BLOTTING SHEETS AND FACE WIPES- Summer is also the season where germs and bacteria are hyper active. Save yourself from their attack by using a hand sanitizer. Oil Blotting sheets are perfect for wiping away your sweat, without fading away your face makeup. (India is not yet swarmed by the makers of oil blotting sheets. But you can easily DIY these by cutting tracing paper or butter paper into small squared pieces). Face wipes can be used for cooling your face and wiping away dirt and makeup. 

  •            JOHNSON’S BABY POWDER- This powder is mild and gets easily absorbed into the skin. Plus it would not be loaded with chemicals since it is meant for infants. It can be used as a replacement for expensive dry shampoos. Rub it into the scalp and it works as good as a dry shampoo. (It might sound gross if you think of not washing your sweaty tresses for 2 to 3 days, but in blindness of cleansing the hair, you actually reduce the moisture level of hair and make it limp, dull and weak. In beginning you might feel its good, but in reality it pushes your hair into the chasm of hair problems. Daily washing of hair is the major factor of thinning volume of your hair)

  • HEADBANDS AND HAIR TIES- There might be days when you’d leave your house with your hair open but as the scorched heat hits you; you crave to tie away all your hair (or even get each strand of it shaved :p ). For those moments, keep hair-ties handy. Often you would want to keep off your bangs far away from your face. At such instances you can use headbands; which pushes away all your bangs from the forehead.

  • HAT- Keep a hat in your bag so as to save your face from getting tanned. Plus it also protects your hair from heat which can extract away all the moisture and make your hair all fried up. Besides, it works best when you are having a bad hair day ;)

  •            EXTRA TSHIRT/SHIRT- With your favorite top drenched in sweat, you don’t wanna ruin your first impression if you are going out for a meeting. It would definitely be there to get your back (like an old friend) in the time of need J

  •            WATER- First I thought of placing it first in this list, and then I thought it isn’t an essential item but rather a NECESSITY. Since the list ended up at nine, I included it :D In summers, your body gets dehydrated due to all the sweating. To maintain water level inside the body, you need to drink lots of water J (there had been times when I forgot to carry a water bottle while traveling. Believe me, you are gonna curse yourself later on.)

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