Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick

StreetWear is a budget friendly range of cosmetics offered by REVLON. As per their price, they do not fail to serve quality. StreetWear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks offer variety of shades, some of which are quite identical to MAC lipsticks. Today I’ll review the shade- “VERY VAMPIRE”.  This shade has no restriction to compatible complexion; it suits pretty much all skin tones. Earlier these lipsticks were sold off like hot cakes at the price of Rs 180 (really affordable); but now its price has been hiked to Rs 220. Although, still not expensive, but sudden appraisal of Rs 40!

 The packaging of this lipstick is black and has comic characters drawn on it; certainly like female characters of ‘Archie’ comics. This animated young lady has short hair, forms a pout at you, and even winks :p While the lipstick bullet is black, its lid is transparent in color, for you to identify the shade from the top. I never tried to throw it on the floor to test its durability (LOL) but it really is sturdy and made of plastic. I have dropped my Elle 18 lipstick on the floor and it opens as soon as it falls. This lipstick has slightly tighter lock (in comparison to Elle 18) while it clasps but not amazingly tight. In this zone, the packaging slightly fails.

VERY VAMPIRE” is a beautiful soft coral red. It is not vermillion or blood red, but pinkish red. The texture of the lipstick is soft and hydrating. Your lips won’t get tugged by it. It definitely fulfills what its name suggests, i.e. ‘ultra moist’ and ‘color rich’. This shade is clearly visible on non pigmented as well as pigmented lips. You can tone down the color by blotting it lightly on a tissue, or you can layer multiple swipes for a bold pout. The packaging states no information regarding the net content. Roughly the length of it is 1/3rd of a finger (but then, everyone’s hand varies). The staying power of this lipstick is 2 hours approximately, without any snack being eaten. It does transfer a lot. After it starts fading, it leaves behind slight color. If you are okay with touch ups being done, than this is worth buying.

RATING- 4 out of 5

(It could have easily gained 4.8, but with its hiked price… :O )

This lipstick is worth recommending. Colleges are about to begin, stock them up young ladies ;)

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