Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

Lakme is one of the greatest Indian brands which started off with low budget products but later revamped itself into a major brand. Lakme had disappointed me in past. Many of its cream based products caused me irritation and bumps, for example Lakme Sunscreen. This is why I was never excited in trying out their products. The question that arises now is why did I buy Lakme mascara then? Firstly, for a beginner it suited my budget and secondly because the packaging stated it to be a curling mascara. 

Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara comes in a black and turquoise packaging similar to the Eyeconic Kajal. It has an unusual shape which makes me resemble its wand. The mascara has a slight bend (that is why it kept rolling on floor while I tried to capture its image). It retails for Rs 300 for net content of 9ml. This product claims to give your eyes intense black finish. Now let’s zoom away from the packaging and move ahead to the product. The product has a slight bent in its mascara wand exclusively designed to curl up your eyelashes, perhaps to evade the usage of an eye lash curler. Since I use no eyelash curler, I felt tempted to the idea of getting benefits of the same without investing on another product and thus not increasing one more step to complete my look (yes, you can call me lazy :p ).

The wand is made in this way so as to make application easier and to give them the curled effect. The consistency of mascara is neither too runny nor too thick; it is somewhere in between. One thing that I adore about this mascara is that it does not clump your lashes and hence no fake look. Maybelline Falsies, one of the best mascara available in India has the tendency to clump, this is why I always have to use another mascara wand (product of which has been emptied) to comb my lashes through. Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara wand does not have long bristles, perhaps this is why it helps in combing out the excess product. One coat wouldn’t create exclusive glammed up look but two to three coats are good enough to give length to your lashes. Its wand, because of its short bristles also makes application convenient while coating your lower lashes.  In all, it is an ideally good product for those of you who want their makeup to not look ‘made up’ but subtle. It is perfect for everyday look. One major drawback of it would be that it is not waterproof.

RATING- 3.8 out of 5

         ·       It is not waterproof
         ·       The sale of the product began with Rs 250 and now it had                  been hiked upto Rs 300.
         ·       Not voluminous enough unlike other mascaras.
 ·       Although at MRP of Rs 300, it still remains budget friendly mascara.
 ·       Does not clump your eyelashes
 ·       No need for separately using an Eyelash Curler. 

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