Garnier Neem Plus Tulsi Pure Active High Foaming Facewash

Garnier Advertisement of “Neem + Tulsi Pure Active Facewash” featuring Alia Bhatt is actually something you would watch and laugh at because you would remember- “Oh, I’ve been there, done that as well for pimples”. It is simply drawn on the Indian mindset where all the old Ladies have laid down exclusive, unscientific rules as per which certain things are to be avoided by young girls while blossoming into the world of women. Unfortunately, these rules are still forced fed into girls. One of these so-called legendary rule is to avoid oily foods or pickles because they would cause pimples and thus ruin your blemish free face.

Garnier Pure Active Neem+ Tulsi Facewash comes in a transparent small bottle with a flip top cap. Most of the face washes had been launched with a tube packaging, but this one is like the advent of rains in Thar Desert. It is a sturdy and travel friendly plastic bottle, with a green cap. The visible product is green in colour which finds its similarity with “Garnier Neem Facewash”.  The face wash has a gel like consistency and glides into your palms like a butter :D As the name suggests, it lathers a lot. Thus, a very small product is required. It would definitely last you long.

After washing your face with this, your skin would feel refreshed.  Though high foaming facewashes dry out your skin, the same does not happen with this one. It squeaky cleans your skin, without leaving dry patches behind.  The packaging mentions that it is for ‘Daily Use’. Plus it removes 99.9% Oil and Pimple Germs. Pimples do not bread over your face simply cause of junk items but majorly because of germs and bacteria. So here comes a rescue team, sent by Garnier ;) And when I say this face wash suits all skin type, then trust me onto that. This same product is used by my sister and me and it fares well for both of us. Since Monsoon is a season when it rains germs, such a facewash comes handy! It retails for Rs 60. Yes I know, even I thought it would be expensive but it is dirt cheap ;) 

Lastly, while I have used this, my skin did not break out (yaaayy). It contains- “Neem, Tulsi and Salicylic Acid”, which means all the best friends of acne prone skin :D 

So go, grab a bottle of “Garnier Neem plus Tulsi Face wash”!! And with Garnier, I end mentioning- “TAKE CARE”! 

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