If ever; your life has been invaded by pimple or acne, then you must have been acquainted by the names- “CETAPHIL” and “AHAGLOW”.  These two face washes are highly recommended by skin specialist to those battling with acne. 
CETAPHIL- Cetaphil is a worldly renowned brand which has devoted itself to skin care products. It is a mild face cleanser which is adviced by doctors to those who follow an acne treatment. This face wash, because of its mildness does not extract away the moisture of skin and hence; no separate need for applying a moisturizer.

Retail price- Rs 163.15

AHAGLOW-  Ahaglow is an Indian manufactured face wash gel which is not exactly mild. It comprises of glycolic acid which helps in peeling away the dead skin. By peeling; I don’t mean you’re gonna enjoy the benefits of skin peeling treatment but you would see some areas where little patches of skin would become flaky. It makes your skin squeaky clean and those of you who have dry skin would need a moisturizer to top it off.
Retail price- Rs 128

PACKAGING- Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion comes in a white flip-top bottle which certainly seems like a drugstore product. It is sturdy and travel friendly.
PACKAGING- Ahaglow Face Wash Gel comes in a yellow translucent plastic tube. It might not be sturdy enough like Cetaphil but it still would fare fine for travelling.
CONSISTENCY- Consistency of this is like a runny lotion..
CONSISTENCY- Consistency is like that of a gel but not as thick as a hair gel :p It has Vitamin E granules which are to be squashed and applied.
COMPOSITION- Cetaphil comprises of chemicals and alcohol. The labelling mentions that it contains- Cetyl Alcohol IP and Stearyl Alcohol IP.
COMPOSITION- Ahaglow comprises of- Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin E.
SKIN TYPE- It would definitely suit dry to normal skin type.
SKIN TYPE- This face wash would suit all the combination to oily skin ladies out there (like me :-* )

So those of you who restrict themselves due to acne should definitely switch over to one of the above mentioned face-washes according to your skin type/ compatibility.
In case you have a combination skin, then you can use both; according to what your skin demands that particular day! 


Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

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