Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturzier

Clean & Clear is a trademark of Johnson & Johnson, U.S.A. It launched a variety of products targeting teenagers who are prone to acne. They offer their products at budget friendly pricing and are easily available in India. The company claims that this moisturizer is oil-free and does not clog pores. It contains salicylic acid, which helps in preventing pimples and blackheads. The net content of this bottle is 100 ml and it retails for Rs 80.

The packaging of this moisturizer is utterly cute. It is a white plastic flip top bottle with purple lid, as well as the printing done. The bottle has somewhat oval shaped structure. It is quite sturdy and travel friendly.

The moisturizer is neither too runny nor too thick. The consistency is quite appropriate. It makes your skin feather soft. It is ideally made to suit facial skin. It is lightweight and does not make your skin feel sticky. For an initial minute it would feel you have applied a moisturizer, but after a minute it settles down and gets absorbed. There is no stickiness left behind. If you have oily skin, then after 2 hours your face would begin shining. But till the time period of 2 hours, it would fare fine. This moisturizer would be most beneficial to those who are undergoing acne treatment and use of overnight ointments makes your skin dry and flaky. Since it contains salicylic acid, it would definitely not cause new pimples from erupting.

There might be many among us who have oily skin and they stay miles away from a moisturizer. Remember, that an oily skin would produce more oil if you do not moisturize. Once moisturized, your oil producing glands would get informed that there’s no need for them to work overtime! Try searching for lightweight moisturizer, especially those which are water based.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10

Cons- The only con that you would find with this product is that, it does not contain SPF, so you would have to layer a sunscreen along with this.

Besides that, this moisturizer is worth trying. =) 

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